At Team Mazda, we want to help Caldwell, ID drivers get the most out of their vehicles. Many newer vehicles are equipped with a Blind Spot Monitor, but what does it do? Let's find out.

A Blind Spot Monitor uses sonar technology or radar sensors to monitor your blind spot zones for added safety. Drivers are warned when vehicles move into their blind spots with visual and/or audible warnings. A visual warning may appear on the exterior mirrors when vehicles are in your blind zones. Blind Spot Monitors can be offered with a package of driver-assist features. Typically, higher trims have Blind Spot Monitors as a standard feature, and some base trims may offer it as an available feature.

Having a Blind Spot Monitor in your vehicle can be beneficial. According to the Institute for Highway Safety, Blind Spot Monitors can reduce injuries caused by lane-change collisions by 23 percent and total accidents by 14 percent.

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