Of all the products for children currently on the market, few are as confusing as car seats. Moreover, few are more important. The right car seat will keep your little one safe and secure whenever you're on the move. It can also minimize any damages caused by impact events, whether you get in a minor collision or a major car accident. At Team Mazda, we want to help Caldwell, ID drivers successfully navigate this critical purchasing decision by sharing two quick tips on how to choose a car seat.

Make Sure Your Child's Car Seat Is Age and Weight Appropriate

Even a first-rate car seat won't provide much protection unless it's appropriate for your child's age and weight. Infants should always travel in rear-facing car seats. Front-facing seats are only suitable for babies who are one to two years of age and who weigh at least 20 pounds. Be sure to check car seat laws in your area before switching to a front-facing design. The weight requirements for front-facing seats can vary from state to state.

Get Help with Car Seat Installation

Sadly, the biggest error that parents make when choosing and using car seats is installing them incorrectly. Car seat manufacturers provide detailed installation instructions. New parents can also have their newly installed infant seats inspected by hospital discharge staff before departing with their newborns. At Team Mazda, we can help explain the in-car tethering systems that are used to mount these units firmly in place. Come see us today to learn more about proper car seat installation or to check out our vast inventory or family-friendly autos.

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