One of the characteristics of a high-quality auto detail is clay baring. Using a clay bar, auto detailers create a glossy, sleek shine that you don’t get from a regular car wash and wax. Through this process, the clay removes embedded debris, dirt, residue, insects, and other deposits that can cause gritty, dirty paint.

Clay bars look like a Play-Doh or another putty type of substance. They can be molded to form any desired shape. You can use it with a lubricant to rub over your vehicle’s paint and remove gritty residue. There are multiple ways to clay bar as well, whether you use a clay sponge or clay mitt.

Using a clay bar can shine up your car instantly, even if you have an older vehicle. Want to get the best services and rates for your car in Caldwell, ID? You should head to Team Mazda to get the best rates on all services and detailing.

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