An overheating engine is not something that you should ignore. The heat can cause serious damage to your car, which is why you need to find out its cause and resolve it as soon as possible at our service center here at Team Mazda in Caldwell, ID.

Leakages in the cooling system are one of the primary reasons why your car’s engine may be overheating. Leakages can be on the hoses, radiators, water pump, freeze plugs, head gasket, thermostat housing, and leading to malfunctioning of the car cooling system. Through the leakages, coolant will drip, giving room for air to get in. The air forms a big bubble called an airlock and occupies the upper part of the cooling system. With that, the coolant will be unable to push through and get to the engine.

If you suspect any leakages in the cooling system, do not wait until the engine starts to overheat, have it checked immediately. Also, you can tell if there are leakages f you always have to add coolant to the reservoir.

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