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More fuel efficiency from a car’s performance could reduce emissions and increase savings. While not every vehicle at Team Mazda gets the same gas mileage, there are ways to improve fuel economy with any car. Making sure the engine oil gets changed on time helps the cause. Old motor oil undermines fuel economy.

Dirty fuel injectors and clogged fuel filters are not helpful. Changing a filter and cleaning the fuel injectors is a job a skilled technician can perform. The technician could also check the fuel injectors for problems and determine if they require a replacement.

Replacing the fuel pump might be necessary if it goes bad. A faulty fuel pump may drag down gas mileage while potentially causing other performance issues, such as slow acceleration.

Remember the impact of tire pressure, too. Poorly inflated tires require a car to burn gas when driving around Caldwell, ID. The same often happens when a vehicle is loaded with excess weight.

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